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LUST VF1414L, VF1424L repair service
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The LUST VF1414L and VF1424L are frequency inverters from the SmartDrive VF1000 series, used in the industrial field, such as Trumpf laser cutting machines.

Despite their relative age, the quality of the components and the good design make them still able to compete with more recent products. This is why, often is more convenient to repair the failure of the drive instead of replacing it. XON Electronics is able to supply this repairing service.

Cost estimation

After the damaged drive has been sent to us, a free diagnosis is performed.

Basing on this diagnosis, we calculate the cost of the repair and notify it to the customer.

This image shows a track break due to wearing and high currents involved in these kind of devices.

Once the failure has been determined, we calculate the total cost for repair: be it a circuital reconstruction, and/or a component substitution (most components are still widely available in the market).

Our repair cost is the final one - there will be no extra costs for the customer.

After the customer accepts the price, the repair is carried out and the now working device is returned back to the customer. The machine tool is ready to work again.

The repairs have a one year warranty.

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