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In this page there is a list of downloadable material.

010 KiLibMan (freeware)

KiLibMan (freeware)

A Windows (Win32) software (in english) to manage libraries for KiCad (a CAE, software for electronic engeenering). Features drag and drop of components between libraries, editing of aliases and keywords, and direct ory recursive search.

   is a robust, functional and open source CAD for electronics, with editor for schematic *and* PCB.

KiLibMan is free software and sources (Delphi) are available.

012 EZ-Red data logger/recorder

EZ-Red data logger/recorder

This is a program to collect data from an EZ-Red; data can be inspected in real time, saved to disk, loaded later for further inspection. It is also possible to generate pulses; this program is the ideal solution for conducting long functional tests of hardware applications.

Data is saved to a normal CSV file, to be loaded in other programs like spreadsheets, databases, and so on.

015 Kicad multiedit (freeware)

Kicad multiedit (freeware)

A windows and linux program to edit many schematic components together.
Load a KiCad schematic, modify values and footprints in tabular form, and save the schematic back.    is a robust, functional and open source CAD for electronics, with editor for schematic *and* PCB.

Kicad multiedit is free software and sources (Delphi) are available.

090 Unicode in Delphi CLX

Unicode in Delphi CLX

Problems with Unicode in Delphi? With CLX, Unicode works pretty well, apart from StringGrid. Here is some quick and dirty modification to make TStringGrid work in Unicode.

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