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A program to control Ministep via Modbus:

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This program makes it possible to interact with Ministep in order to do tests, with different parameters, and save them before using Ministep with the Step/Direction signals (it is optional to save, parameters can always be modified via RS485).

The Lazarus (Free Pascal) source can be downloaded to analyze the program and see how easy is, using PascalSCADA, to interact with industrial devices using the Modbus protocol.


Using the source

The program is based on PascalSCADA 0.7.3, with some modifications. Install PascalSCADA (Instructions), and proceed to make the simple modifications (one is optional).

Modification #1 - Communication statistics in TTag

The source program contains a line which calls pbOuts.ResetStatsCounters;. If this modification is not present, compilation stops at line 304 of msscadau.pas (project main unit). It is possible to simply delete this call pbOuts.ResetStatsCounters; (deleting the whole line); otherwise, implement the function by editing the file tag.pas and adding the following public method:
	procedure TTag.ResetStatsCounters;
	  PCommReadErrors := 0;
	  PCommReadOK := 0;
	  PCommWriteErrors := 0;
	  PCommWriteOk := 0;

Modification #2 - Images in THMIAnimation and TGraphicZone (optional)

We detected a limitation in PascalSCADA, which forces to use a fixed absolute path, stored in the executable, for images used in THMIAnimation. Thinking that this is not enough versatile, we decided to make a simple addition to the package, to remove this limitation. Modification details, quite simple anyways, can be reviewd in this link.

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