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Welcome to XON Electronics Website

XON Electronics designs and produces electronic devices for industry and small-medium companies ensuring:

  • Know-how, thanks to twenty years experience in the field
  • Reliability and disposal to customers
  • Innovation, the first requisite for succes in the market
  • Quality at all the levels

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Backlight panel, using infrared LEDs, with strobe and optional luminosity control (0-10V).


LUST VF1414L / VF1424L.

Repair service for LUST inverters (used in Trumpf laser cut machines):

1. Send us your damaged inverter
2. We determine the repairing cost for free
3. We repair it if you agree on the price
4. We send back the inverter to you

Power I/O module with USB interface.

Drive machinery or other external devices with a personal computer (on-line mode) through USB interface.
It features 8 inputs and 8 power outputs (12-30 volts), 2 analog inputs (0-10V), 2 analog outputs (0-10V), and 2 fast, opto-coupled inputs (suitable for an encoder).
All I/O's have an associated monitor LED.
Also works stand-alone (PLC mode).

Intelligent electric heater for forklift.

It delivers comfort to the forklift operator, both outside, in the cold seasons, and all the year inside refrigerated stocks.

Available at 48 and 80 volts, with 1000W, it is easy to operate, reliable and safe. Good performances without reducing too much the battery autonomy.

The heaters turns off automatically when the forklift stops moving - there is no risk of forgetting the heater on.

Power supply 220Vac -> 24Vcc for outside, especially suited for powering LEDs or other small appliances.


Available in 18W or 24W versions.

Protected for overcurrent, short-circuit, overheating.

The card is completely sealed in epossidic resin.

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