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Power I/O module for PC, with digital and analog, and internal PLC:

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Power I/O module for PC, with USB interface.
Can control machinery or other devices with its inputs and outputs @24Vdc, analog I/O (0-10V), encoder interface, and an auxiliary stabilized power supply of 12Vdc.

It can be used in conjunction with a PC, or stand-alone (PLC mode) after having loaded a program (PLC cycle), thanks also to the possibility of designing a GUI operator panel.

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Technical data

Product description

EZ-Red is an interface module for personal computer (PC) via USB interface. It lets you to read digital inputs (on/off) with voltages from 5 to 30 volts, and drive power outputs from 12 to 30 volts (nominal 24) with a maximum current of 2A per output (max 4 in total).

Power supply to the module must be given externally (USB bus is not enough), and can vary from 12 to 30 volts DC.

In addition to 8 inputs and 8 outputs, there are 2 analog inputs 0-10V and 2 analog outputs. Lastly, there are 2 fast and opto-coupled inputs that can be used as-they-are or can be connected to a quadrature encoder.

The device outputs an auxiliary stabilized power supply of 12Vdc (+13.5V), with 200mA.

EZ-Red can be used as a simple slave/interface of the PC, or it can be used in stand-alone mode, just as a PLC; the supplied PC software - a true integrated development environment - is used to write the program, debug, transfer data and store them in the non-volatile memory of the module. Even when running the internal program (PLC cycle), the EZ-Red can dialogate with the PC in order to deploy a GUI interface, acquire and store data, or to do complex calculations.The computer can delegate to the EZ-Red time-critical operations, and remain free for higher level duties.

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Typical application

To control machinery in industrial productions, especially if a rich and complete GUI is desired, or maybe computational power, database, internet access and so on: in brief, where a PC is mandatory. Using EZ-Red, the computer can directly interface to the production process.

EZ-Red can also be used as a normal PLC but, differently from that, its cycle is written in a more friendly procedural language, similar to Basic, and it is easier to quickly write different programs (cycles). This language is more similar to normal computer languages than the typical Ladder, and hence is more friendly to "computer people".

In Domotics, EZ-Red can easily interface with several kinds of device and, via computer, it can talk to the Internet, smartphone Apps, domestic LANs.

Connection example:

(Click to enlarge)

Panel operator example, designed with the free software provided:

Technical details

Inputs and outputs

8 digital inputs 5-30 volts
8 power outputs (even with inductive loads) up to 2A (max 4A in total)
2 10Khz, opto-coupled inputs (usable as-is, or suitable for a quadrature encoder)
2 analog inputs 0-10V
2 analog outputs 0-10V
Auxiliary output power supply 12V (13.5V), 200mA stabilized
All these connections are made with extractable connectors.
USB interface

Other characteristics

The communication with the PC is made with the normal USB interface, using one of two available methods:
  • using a DLL (dynamic link library), for high-level computer languages, LabView® included
  • using a serial terminal emulation, like a modem, and a simple yet effective set of text commands
EZ-Red features an internal watch-dog to set outputs in a safe state in case of the PC hangs, or in case of hardware failure (the power outputs are monitored and can detect overcurrent and open circuit).

The internal PLC is programmable with a hybrid language, similar to Basic but with some PLC extensions, which permits both functional (Ladder style) and procedural style, even concurrently. Up to 16 tasks can be used together.

Technical specifications


Power supply: from 12 to 30 volts DC
Power consumption:
200 mA (the module itself), up to 4.2A
Maximum output current for a single power output:
Maximum output current, total (all the outputs):
Working temperature: from -10 a +60° C
Measures: mm 95x110x24
Polycarbonate case
Extractable connectors for I/O

Software and firmware

Internal PLC with functional and/or procedural programming style
Max program length, bytes:
Max program length, contacts
Max number of concurrent tasks:
Internal relays:
Internal 16 bit integer registers
Number of timers:
Number of hardware counters:
Using tasks it is possbile to implement additional devices such timers and counters or other.
Optional password protection for the program.
Special data acquisition functions.
The PC software to program and debug EZ-Red cycles is freely downloadable from this site, as well as documentation and firmware updates.

For old version 1.0, look here.

Documentation and manuals

Brochure (PDF file, english, ~500 Kib)

Reference manual (PDF file, english, ~650 Kib)

Terminal emulation mode manual (text mode) (PDF file, english, ~230 Kib)

Programming manual (EZ-Red language) (PDF file, english, ~330 Kib)

TSmon (integrated IDE) reference manual (PDF file, english, ~670 Kib)

EZ-Red - Operator GUI (HMI) editor (PDF file, english, ~1 Mib)


The following compressed files contain the DLL interface for EZ-Red and the TSMON.EXE program (integrated software development with compiler and debugger):

TSMon+DLL (all windows versions) (ZIP file, ~1.1 Mib)

TSMon+DLL (windows 64 bits version) (ZIP file, ~1.4 Mib)

The two ZIP archives are password protected - use "EZ" (capitals, without quotes)

FTDI Driver (Usb windows driver), required to connect EZ-Red to a PC (ZIP file, ~820 Kib)

No password set for this ZIP archive.


The current EZ-Red firmware version is 1.2; future updates will be published in this site.

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