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XON Electronics believes, together with its customers, that technology and innovation are the best way to satisfy users, beat competitors, and gain reputation. However, this is not enough if quality and reliability are missing from the final product. This is why our production is always severely tested in all the phases: from design, to production, and final assembly.

012 Power I/O module for PC

Power I/O module for PC

An input/output module for personal computer connected via USB; it lets you control external machinery at 24V (12-30 volts). 8 inputs, 8 power outputs, analog (0-10V) inputs and outputs, and encoder interface. It can also run stand-alone like a normal PLC.

015 Stepper motor drive

Stepper motor drive

An advanced stepper drive, with easy and powerful commands, to control a motor from any PLC or computer, even using interpreted languages. Power supply 12-34V, 3A continuous; some multi-purpose I/O pins, RS-485 interface with Modbus or simple text protocol. It supports also Step/Direction signals.

025 Coded Proximity

Coded Proximity

This is a magnetic sensor system having 64 different codes. Typical applications include elevators, automatic stocks, PLC-controlled machinery.

035 Infrared backlight panel

Infrared backlight panel

Backlight infrared panel measuring 6x4 inches, for industrial applications.

080 Comando Ventilconvettore

Comando Ventilconvettore

Il TC-100 risolve il problema di collegare diversi termoconvettori all'uscita di un singolo sensore di temperatura. Se collegati normalmente in parallelo, infatti, si possono causare guasti dovuti a ritorni di corrente o a differenze negli avvolgimenti delle bobine. Con TC-100 diventa possibile, collegare in parallelo quanti dispositivi si vogliono.

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