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Detects 64 different positions in a moving system.

It is composed by an active reader and several magnetic, passive sensors, which can be coded in one among 64 different combinations. Ideal for controlled positioning systems, like elevators. Thanks to its magnetic principle, this apparatus is insensible to dirt, powder, humidity, temperature, light and electric fields.

Technical data

Product description

The ProxyCode is a positioning system which lets to detect 64 different points. It is composed by an active magnetic reader and a passive (two or more) coded magnetic parts (sensors). The active reader can be connected directly to the controller (PLC, microprocessor or PC), or the RS-485 interface card can be employed, in order to trasmit signals to long distances (many meters).

Typical applications

Elevators, automatic storage systems and, in general, everywhere a moving part has several stop-points in the system.

The system is magnetic, and so it is very robust and insensible to noise and ambiental conditions.

Product details

Passive magnetic sensor

The sensor, containing the code, is made of a strong polycarbonate case measuring mm 55x50x15, and has two ears for fixing. The different codes are composed by putting one or more magnets in their slots. These sensors are intended to be mounted in the different fixed positions of the moving system.

Every sensor contains from zero to six magnets for the code, and a central one, with opposite polarity, which strobes the data.

These sensors can be buyed already coded, or the user can vary the code by opening the case and laying the magnets in the intended position.


Active reader

It is made of the same case as the sensor, and contains active electronics. It is intended to be mounted on the moving part(s) of the system. The electronic circuit detects the sensors from a distance of up to 8 mm. The code is read when the two parts (reader + sensor) are correctly aligned; the signal output is presented at the DB9 female connector through a standard cable 800 mm length (other lengths cab be provided on request).

This reader is composed of seven magnetic readers (six for the code, and one for the strobe/alignment sensing); it must be powered with 24Vcc.

RS-485 card

In order to simplify the interfacing, and/or trasmit signals to long distances, the RS-485 decoder card can be used. This card must be powered with a tension from 12 to 24Vcc, and supplies power to the reader.

It is contained in a plastic case measuring mm 90x78x22, with two ears for fixing. Two LEDs indicate the presence of power, the correct connection to the reader, the presence of an aligned sensor, and the correctness of communication to the host system (PLC, microcontroller or other). The RS-485 signals are disposable on a 4 pole, extractable connector. The maximum distance depends on the baud-rate, and is 800 meters when the baudrate is 19200.

The communication with the host is simple but reliable, and contemplates a continuous dialogue between the controller (host system) and the card (watch-dog / continuous diagnosis).

The accompanying software is a Windows(tm) application which lets the user to optimize the performances and do some experimenting. Basically it permits to set the system speed in order to gain accuracy: the speed is expressed in mm/sec or, conversely, in milliseconds of delay. This speed/delay can be changed at any time by the host system, however.

Tecnical data

Power supply: from 12 to 24 volts DC
Alignment tolerance (X e Y): 3 mm
Operating temperature: 0 to 40° C
Detection distance: max 8 mm
Case: polycarbonate
Small dimensions
Protection grade IP44 (both tx & rx)
Power + signals connector to speed up connecting/disconnecting


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